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Peak District with Shrewsbury & Telford BWDE

This was a day out to the Peak District, planned by the Shrewsbury & Telford BWDE biker group. If you are not already a member I highly recommend you become one. They are a great bunch and have plenty of planned ride outs.

I met up with part of the group at Salop Leisure in Shrewsbury.

Peak District with Shrewsbury & Telford BWDE

Starting in Redditch (or Studley) make your way over to Bromsgrove and then take the A448 towards Kidderminster. This is a nice road with some nice corners, not many places to overtake if you get stuck behind someone.

When you reach Kidderminster take the A442 towards Bridgnorth. This road is great with plenty of sweeping corners, woodland and great views. At Bridgnorth pick up the A458 towards Shrewsbury. Salop Leisure can be found not far from where the A458 goes over the A5 at Shrewsbury.

The remainder of the Shrewsbury & Telford BWDE group for this ride were waiting at Road King in Cannock. It was a quick ride along the A5, M54 and A449 to get to them. Feel free to use a different route.

Leaving Road King take the A5 towards Tamworth. Then take the A460 towards Rugeley where you pick up the B5013. Follow the B5013 all the way to the A518 at Uttoxeter. The bridge crossing the Blithfield Reservoir offers some really good views.

Follow the A518 through Uttoxeter and over the river where it becomes the B5030. Follow the B5030 and it will become the B5032 at Ellastone. At Ellastone bear left off the B5032 at The Duncombe Arms. Follow this unnamed road all the way, crossing the A52 until you hit the A523 at Bottomhouse.

Look out for The Green Man where you will turn right onto the B5053 to bypass Leek and meet up with the A53. After about half a mile on the B5053 take a left onto Blakelow Road. This is one of the best roads of the trip, great views both sides for miles and a pleasant biking road.

Having picked up the A53 follow it through Buxton and out the other side. Follow the A6 and A623 through Sparrowpit and onto Castleton where you can stop for lunch. Just before getting to Castleton you will go through Winnats Pass. This is by far the best road of the trip. Don’t worry you get to do it twice; once on the way into Castleton and again on the way out ?

Winnats Pass

With a full belly and suitable refreshed head back to Buxton the way you came (A623 and A6). Take the A515 out of Buxton to and through Ashbourne. Keep going until you get to the A50 and take it to Uttoxeter.

Retrace your route from Uttoxeter back to Road King. This is where I left the Shrewsbury & Telford BWDE group and made my way home. Leaving Road King take the A5 to Telford then the A442 to Bridgnorth. Retrace your route back to Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and finally Redditch (or Studley).

Download the KMZ file below. Feel free to use the route as a base and adjust accordingly or follow the route exactly, up to you ?

Let us know what you think of the route by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to view the footage of the trip on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for photos of our trips and more.

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