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Tag: Stratford-upon-Avon

Fosse Way, East Cotswolds and Banbury

We normally stick to the heart of the Cotswolds but this time thought we would venture east. We ended up riding along Fosse Way and came across a nice sharp left bend on Sun Rising Hill where BikerPics were camped ? Be careful riding along Fosse Way. While it is a straight road there are plenty of junctions and it is an accident hotspot. Ride Safe! Firstly starting in Redditch (or Studley) make your way…

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Cotswolds Leisurely Bimble

This is our first outing since the COVID-19 lockdown and boy was it nice to get out on the bikes ? Just a leisurely bimble through the Cotswolds. Firstly starting in Redditch (or Studley) make your way towards Stratford-upon-Avon along the A435 and A46. Turn right off the A46 and go through Binton village because it is a nicer ride. Now you need to take the A3400 the other side of Stratford but you can…

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